Caparo T1 and the Quest for “Ludicrous Speed”

By Deane Barker on December 1, 2007

Caparo T1 – First Drive – Motor Trend: The Caparo T1 is coming soon. It promises Formula 1 performance in a street legal car. This is what 0-60 in 2.9 seconds is apparently like:

And then. Then. Then my world explodes, and I can’t swear to the accuracy of the following. All mental bandwidth is used in controlling the unfolding storm, rather than in recording it.

The acceleration is far, far beyond anything from the exotic establishment. Enzo? Carrera GT? No, this is another order – and I never get near the 10,500 redline.

Not quite crazy enough? The Barabus TKR claims 0-60 in less than 1.7 seconds. Of course, it’s currently a one-off, though they’re hoping to sell 300-400 a year.

For the budget-minded, you can build an Ultima GTR for less than $50K and supposedly get 0-60 times of around 2.5 seconds, depending on what engine you decide to drop in it. Your 0-100-0 tests are for wimps — let’s see what 0-200-0 looks like, shall we?

Or, you can do like I do: spend $60 and drive them in Project Gotham Racing 4.



  1. The T1 was featured on Top Gear last episode I believe. The thing broke down three times during their test drive. The clearance is beyond anything usable and the back end breaks free if you even slightly give it to much gas. Acceleration is beyond anything on the road given its P to W ratio but it can’t turns. If you see the video the Stig does all he can to get it around their Trop Gear test track. Cool concept but they need to refine it a bit more. Most rich little boys with their bank accounts would kill themself within a week of having this beast.

    But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love to drive one. ;-)

  2. That Top Gear segment was on YouTube (featured on Jalopnik), but has since been pulled down; too bad because it was definitely worth watching. Rear wheel traction was a huge problem for the Caparo on the track, unless it was moving fast enough to have sufficient downforce to keep it from sliding in corners. I think it was Clarkson who had a great line about using that as an excuse when you get pulled over for speeding in the thing; “Honest officer. I have to go that fast…”

    Oh wait; it’s back on YouTube! Link. Doesn’t have the studio banter at the end, but still worth watching.

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