Novell Does to SCO What SCO Tried to do to Everyone Else

By Deane Barker on November 28, 2007

Novell-SCO case finally heading to trial: The details of this case are so juicy and delicious that I’m almost drooling with anticipation. I’m so loving this.

US Bankruptcy Court Judge Kevin Gross has granted Novell’s motion to lift SCO’s bankruptcy stay so that Novell can continue with its lawsuit, through which the company aims to recover licensing royalties owed to it by SCO. The lawsuit will proceed in a Utah district court under Judge Dale A. Kimball, who ruled in August that Novell—and not SCO—is the rightful owner of the UNIX copyrights, and that Novell is entitled to 95 percent of the licensing revenue SCO collected on the SVRX UNIX copyrights.