Gmail: Still in Beta

By Deane Barker on November 28, 2007

This Post is in Beta: Two years ago today, we were talking about how long beta periods are getting ridiculous. I concluded the post with this:

For perspective, consider that Gmail is still in beta.

Today, two years later, GMail is still in beta.

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  1. By using the ‘beta’ moniker Google gets away with a variety of ‘sins’ under the veil of testing. It has worked well for them with the geek crowd and those opposed to MS (typically those that spell it ‘M$’)

  2. Beta or not, the software will continually be under development. I remember when ICQ 99a was all the hype 8 years ago, and it would take hours to obtain and earn one’s bragging rights. The hype of beta software is much bigger, i.e. how often do you tell people I’m using “release software?” Why emphasize the BETA status, and not the release status? :-)

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