Website-Inspired Art

By on November 21, 2007

Deane is one who finds beauty in the code that defines a website, but here’s a guy, artist Brian Piana, who finds art in the layout of a website.

In my work I use deconstructed abstractions of actual websites to create new compositions in a removed, off-line environment. The layout, structure, and purpose of these sites directly inform the compositions and narratives of my work. Colors and shapes are governed almost exclusively by the original website’s design, and the linked pages of a single site are often included, providing a schematic of the site’s underlying architecture in my final composition…

I thought that was a pretty interesting take on things. I’ve been shopping for something for my office walls, and there are some things in Piana’s gallery that I wouldn’t mind using. Or it could become a DIY project… Hmmm…

via MentalFloss