Firefox 3 Adds Per-Site Settings

By Deane Barker on November 20, 2007

implement site-specific preference service: It will be interesting to see how this manifests itself, but it looks like Firefox 3 will add support for something I’ve wanted for a long time.

Implement a site-specific preference service that lets callers get and set arbitrary preferences on a site-specific basis.

I complained about this over two years ago.

Here’s what I’d like to see for upcoming browsers: customized browser settings on a URL-by-URL basis. I think it’s time to admit that different sites sometimes require vastly different browser settings to work optimally.

I’ll be interested to see what settings can be tied to a specific URL.

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  1. I suspect this is in response to the same feature that Opera added a year ago. It’s safe to assume it will have much of the same per-site preferences as Opera.

  2. I wish that FF3 had site-specific settings as good as Opera. I keep trying to like FF because I want to finally drop Opera (after many years of using it), because it continues to be buggy and unstable, but FF — even with third-party add-ons of questionable quality and future support — lacks the depth of features of Opera. An example: Cookie management. Firefox allows you to block all cookies, and it allows you to delete all cookies upon exit. Opera can do the same. Opera, however, will allow you to override those settings on a per-site basis. In FF, all I can find is an add-on that allows overriding the block-all setting, but nothing to override the delete-at-exit setting on a per-site basis. {sigh]

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