“First Post” Solution

By Deane Barker on November 20, 2007

FARK.com: Frequently Asked Questions: Farkisms: I hate it when people comment on something with “First” or “First Post.” Fark found a good solution.

For whatever reason message boards on sites like Fark are forever plagued with morons posting “First Post” anytime a link is posted. Fark automatically turns the words “first post” into the word “boobies” and resets the timestamp on the message to some time in the future so that it isn’t the first post anymore.

Now, commentors, let’s see if you can avoid the obvious.



  1. boobies!

    Sorry, someone had to do it. Your last sentence could be interpreted as asking for it! (or, more likely, you were addressing the moronic commenters on Fark, but I’ll stick with my initial interpretation)

    At least I didn’t number my post, though.

  2. First Post! (the one that came before the prior two and got repositioned). Heheh… join the fun.

    Here in Taiwan we still use the telnet Bulletin Board protocol. People would comment and ask the would-be fifth commenter for his opinion on the subject.

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