Rock Band Review

By Deane Barker on November 19, 2007

Four controllers, $170, and a dream: a review of Rock Band: Ars Technica reviews the new Rock Band game — Guitar Hero with drums and vocals — and comes away wicked happy.

Is it worth the money? Hell, yes! Get your friends to all kick in a little bit for a single setup to share if you have to: for music fans this is the closest thing to actually having a band you can get without years of practice and thousands of dollars worth of equipment. Harmonix and MTV have raised the bar again, and outside of adding a keytar, I don’t know what else they can do to make the experience more badass.



  1. This games is very awesome and worth every penny. One downside is the fender guitar that comes with the game. I just use my GHIII controller because it is a much better guitar. The rock band guitar is made very cheap and the pick, often, does not work properly. Other than that the drums and vocals are very well put together, a little tweaking on the bass drum pedal though, and the game is sweet.

  2. The game is really worth the money. though I agree that I’m not a big fan of the new guitar… its growing on me though. oh and one other thing…. personally I think rock band is WAY easier than gh..

  3. I completely agree with that guitar being a little on thecheap side. I’m returning mine in the hopes ill get a better guitar cause the buttons on the neck are awesome for the solos.

  4. just bought the game yesturday and started a band and went on tour….. my friend caleb is on the drums, james on the lead, tanya on the base and me on vocals… my throat is sore as hell now but i think the gameplay was awsome…. my friend had some trouble on the drums at first with the buttons not hitting but we got that figured out. it was sweet and the vocals is harder than i thought… and i can sing pretty well.

  5. ok so….the games roCKKKSSsss and my bandS rockkk even more..haha GIve it up for the Chimpmunkks and BananaS! anyone up for for a challenge? btw… i must agree witht he rest of the crowd the guitar is not as COOL as i think it should be… SHOUT OUT to TZ,JC, SCARR and of course StaRR ;0 ) not to be confused with the pirate band arrRRrrrRR .. im so corny.

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