Classic Wii Comments from 2005

By Deane Barker on November 18, 2007

Xbox 360 and PS3 – flops instead of gigaflops?: I stumbled on this article today while research the questions about console processing power that comments on this post brought up.

Regardless of that, the comments on the article are pretty funny in the context of today. This article was over two years ago, and it’s about how friggin’ fast the XBox 360 and PS3 consoles were going to be.

Some of the comments:

So any one else foolish enough to believe that Nintendo even has an shot?

[…] It [the Wii] will definitely be third, but not forgotten.

[…] I don’t think Nintendo will have a chance because it will focus more on gaming than on overall “home entertainment” like M$ and Sony will. […] I don’t think it even has a shot. I truly believe that Nintendo will go the way of Sega and just become a Game developer for other consoles and maybe stick with mobile gaming.

It is correct that nintendo put gaming on the map. […] But that wont be enough to pull any kind of surprise or rabbit out of a hat when compared to what Sony and Microsoft are going to do in the next-gen. Whether there are flops or gigaflops Sony and Microsoft will remain the two dominant systems.

Guess Nintendo surprised everyone, huh? Turned out that more value for the dollar and innovative, social gameplay beat raw horsepower.

(That said, my son bought Halo 3 for his Xbox 360 this weekend. Amazing, amazing game. It’s like one big cut scene that you can play.)

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