Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing

By Deane Barker on November 13, 2007

Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing: I saw this on X-Play years back, but Digg just reminded me of it. It’s perhaps the worst video game ever created.

The box of Big Rigs states that the player may “race trucks across the country, with cops chasing [them].” GameSpot considered this description of the game to be nothing more than “horrible, horrible lies” since there are no police in the game. Additionally, they pointed out, the computer-controlled opponent vehicles have no AI and never move from the starting position, making even the description of the gameplay as a “race” questionable.

There are technically no obstacles for the player to negotiate in Big Rigs, as the truck may freely be driven on and off roads without any loss of traction, straight up 90-degree inclines, through structures, simply falling right through bridges (there is no collision detection whatsoever), and even out of the boundaries of the map into an endless grey void. When the player’s truck is put into reverse, the truck will accelerate infinitely; however, the truck will halt instantly when the reverse key is released.

This is the best part:

[The gaming Web site] Netjak had its code rewritten just to give the game its first ever 0.0.

You can see quite a bit of footage of the game in this YouTube video. Its publisher, Stellar Stone, may or may not be in business anymore.



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