Al Gore Joins Kleiner Perkins

By Deane Barker on November 12, 2007

Al Gore joins Kleiner Perkins to save the planet: Al Gore is joining Kleiner-Perkins, the legendary Silicon Valley VC firm that was an early investor Google, Amazon, AOL, Netscape, etc. Kleiner-Perkins practically created Sand Hill Road.

The recovering politician, environmental activist, and Nobel laureate is adding another title to his résumé: venture capitalist. After “a conversation that’s gone on for a year and a half,” according to Gore, he has decided to join his old pal John Doerr as an active, hands-on partner at Kleiner Perkins, Silicon Valley’s preeminent venture firm.

The connection is that KPCB is going to invest one of their funds in “clean tech,” which is, of course, Al’s favorite subject.



  1. The overall context of the idea revolves around a valid assumption that the world will expire in a heat death i.e. entropy will be maximal and nothing will be left to transform to energy and waste.

    This will happen but only when the sun expires which isn’t anytime soon and at that time no-one will care in any case.

    As anyone knows there are 3 sources of natural energy: magnetism, gravity and radiation. The third is what ultimately provides wind, waves, rain etc.

    Fold in the fact that we are consuming hydrocarbons that were produced over millions of years, why not start to manufacture over the time period we have left an alternative?

    The preferred alternative energy converter is the wind turbine but the output is sporadic which plays hell with conventional generation. The last thing generating companies need is to be trying to accommodate highly variable electricity sources on the grid.

    All electricity sources are useful so the first suggestion is to arrange for wind turbine output and others to be used for an alternative to hydrocarbons, probably hydrogen. Stockpiling this source is a first step to emulating the natural process that allowed the storage of oil and gas.

    You are not going to convince the Chinese to stop building conventional plant. My second suggestion involves my invention. Conventional plant emits lots of steam which itself is a contaminant. One of the reasons why hydrogen powered aircraft will never be viable is that water vapour from the burning of the same would contaminate the stratosphere which would be worse than the effects of Co2.

    If it were possible to condense the steam at the height of the cooling towers currently in use the potential energy available for conversion to kinetic energy is considerable. Using a mini-hydro system I have prototyped would enable hydrogen generation from the waste as well as saving the utilities money in providing make-up water to replace the steam losses.

    In a way, it allows the generator to be taken to the water source rather than the water being taken to the generator as occurs in the conventional hydro generation sense. It is only unique in the fact that conventional generation techniques demand large quantities of water to remain efficient whereas mine accepts any volume of water; using a highly efficient PMA, the electricity supplied is moderate but more consistent and competes well on cost with a wind turbine.

    My third suggestion involves the result over a comparatively short time if my first two suggestions were heeded. Using current conventional energy conversions plus the recycled waste mechanism to stockpile, say, hydrogen then efforts could be made to design and build hydrogen fired boilers to replace conventional boilers. It is well known that the cost of nuclear plants is astronomical and is the main reason for the cheaper alternatives being propagated. If the assumption is made that coal will dominate (globally) then it is a fair bet that thousands of coal plants will be in operation in the near future. By recycling first the waste from coal and nuclear, converting it to hydrogen, then gradually replacing conventional firing with hydrogen then you introduce a gradual conversion to a 0% polluting fuel base.

    This could happen almost immediately which would go a long way to appeasing the IPCC, GEO4 etc.etc.

    It should be obvious to the reader that I have been at this for a while. I am used to being ignored in the UK so I will assume the same will happen to this submission. If anyone should read this, without wanting to appear to be increasing my chances of any success, I would like to express my appreciation for the efforts of the top man.



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