Google’s Android

By Deane Barker on November 5, 2007

Google introduces software for mobile phones: Well, there’s going to be no hardware device called the “GPhone.” Instead, Google is building an OS which people at the demo said was very iPhone-like, then giving it away.

[…] there will be no branded Google Phone. The software running on the phones will not even display the Google logo. Instead, Google is giving the software away to others who will build the phones. The company invested heavily in the project to ensure that all of its services were available on mobile phones. Its ultimate goal is to cash in on the effort by selling advertisements that appear before mobile phone users, just as it does on the Internet.

It’s going to be an interesting clash of cultures. The iPhone was designed as very closed, and Android will be extremely open. It will be fascinating which one wins out.



  1. Google says they are “willing to share ad revenue with the carriers.” Of course they are! The mobile carriers won’t allow walled-garden party crashers who didn’t pay the cover charge. Notice how most of the big US carriers weren’t mentioned in Google’s Android announcement.

    Google is wading into a crowded field for Mobile Operating Systems… I have posted more on my blog at

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