By Deane Barker on November 2, 2007

Glassbooth: According to this site, I’m solidly a Democrat, which I find a little odd, I guess.

glassbooth connects you to the presidential candidate that represents your beliefs the best.

It’s a very well-done and usable survey that attempts to match you up to a presidential candidate that represents your interests. Apparently, Dennis Kucinich is my man, followed closely by Hillary Clinton and Christopher Dodd.

The interface is great, and when it shows you results, it will show you why. You can pick any candidate and any issue, and it will explain why you match or do not match their views, supported by quotes, links, and video. It’s impressive.



  1. I guess the site knew that I’m not from the US, since filling in all the questions and hitting “see my result”, resulted in an empty page :'( So much for usability…

  2. I would agree; very nicely done survey.

    Duncan Hunter is my closest match, at 82 percent, with Tom Tancredo second at 81. Ron Paul (and several others) were close at 69 percent. Edwards is the closest Democrat at a whopping 38 percent match to my answers. Guess it made sense for me to change my voter registration back in ’94.

  3. Ruben, the reason you didn’t see the results is because the database was misbehaving due to the heavy traffic — this should now be fixed (fingers crossed).

    And Deane, thanks for the compliments on the interface ;-)

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