Spolsky Treats His Developers Well

By Deane Barker on October 30, 2007

Fog Creek Software – About the company: I noticed this on the new Fog Creek Web site.

The average Fog Creek developer has 694 square inches of screen real-estate, 2 desktop computers, and an Aeron chair. Most have private offices with windows and doors.

Related to this, I’m reading Peopleware: Productive Projects and Teams right now, which is the book Spolsky swears by for managing software development teams.

Also, I think Blend is going to break down and buy a bunch of Aerons. We cheaped out on original chairs, and it’s time to upgrade — my back hurts. We have a bunch of Herman Miller chairs floating around the office right now, and we’re moving between them, trying to find one that our butts find acceptable.

Never before has my butt been tasked with such an important decision.

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  1. But does Spolsky provide indoor parking for his people? No? I know someone who does.

    True. Blend pays for an indoor parking space for every employee. Mine is about 10 feet from the door.

    But we were adding up screen real estate this morning, and he has us crazy beat. A 19″ flat panel is 228 square inches. Even three of them wouldn’t get you to 694. Our guess is that they have three 20″ wide screens each.

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