SiteCore Guilty of Selective Hyperbole

By Deane Barker on October 29, 2007

The case against Sitecore: If you’re going to quote the industry standard CMS evaluation report in support of your product, you better quote all of it, apparently.

CMS vendor SiteCore cites a previous version of our Web CMS Report to list some of the strengths we identified in their tool. Guess what they didn’t publish from the same page of that report? Yes, that’s right: here’s a sampling from the six weaknesses we identify […]

The broader lesson here is that you should remain skeptical about any vendor citing any analyst praising their products.



  1. Seems like this is what many good companies do, citing industry analysts in their marketing and sales materials. Perhaps the industry analysts have alternative motives…is their a full financial disclosure on their website? Is their report free? Where does one stop the which hunt for hypocrites? In other words, who is doing the dog tail wagging…

    The moral of the story really is use your critical thinking abilities and evaluate a product for its merit. Do the work yourself! Be suspicious of those naysayers who have nothing other to say than to to highlight omissions. In reality, these comments and the reports stress the importance of the third party voice legitimacy, which is dubious at best, especially since its business is to found it authenticity and have others pay for it. Who are these writers anyhow? Are they still developing, designing, innovating, or they just cashing in on their reputation?

    It’s like attacking the benefits of an banana because nobody stresses the fact that you should peel it before eating it in their advertisements.

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