Google Shifts PageRank Algorithm

By Deane Barker on October 24, 2007

Google Changing the PageRank Algorithm?: It’s looking like Google has dinged a bunch of sites — this one included — for selling text links or cross-linking within a blog network. That’s the suspicion, anyway.

Some people are arguing that since the PR drop is not generalized, it must be a slap from Google due to practices that conflict with its guidelines. Andy Beard suggested that the sites that got penalized were either selling links or exchanging them inside large blog networks.

The Gadgetopia home page has dropped from a PR6 to PR3. Ouch.



  1. Google just sucks ass. More monopolistic than Microsoft. I actually have switched to out of spite and the fact that it does not completely suck, even if not as good…and when I do go to Google now, I refuse to click on the AdWords and just use Google for free.

    Google and their secrecy and lack of information pisses me off.

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