Computer Tech Support As a Dream Job?

By Deane Barker on July 28, 2003

World New York: Technical Employment For All!: A very long — but very good — article on making a living in computer tech support, whether you’ve been specifically trained for that or not.

“I know I’m basically a computer plumber: the same repetitive tasks over and over. It’s blue collar work. It dozen’t sound nearly as fancy as ‘information architect.’ But I’m not too good for it. You’re not too good for it. Suck it up. You are not above it. It’s honest. It’s widely available. It pays well.”



  1. I think the computer field is a great industry and you can always find a Job no matter where you go. I usually work for a few years until I get tired of them and find something new. You learn to look for things when you have been in the game for a while. I am in the mindset now where I am going to take my time to find a good company that dosent treat IT people like slaves!!

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