Richard can help your comment spam problem…

By Deane Barker on October 22, 2007

I found this comment on one of my client’s blogs today.

hello , my name is Richard and I know you get a lot of spammy comments , I can help you with this problem . I know a lot of spammers and I will ask them not to post on your site. It will reduce the volume of spam by 30-50% .In return Id like to ask you to put a link to my site on the index page of your site.

Did you hear that? He’ll tell the spammers to stop. What a gift.



  1. SPAM sucks. I have tried to opt out, and it seems I keep getting more!

    Entering your email address in a field marked “URL” so it’s displayed — unencrypted — on the Internet isn’t going to help.

    I removed it for you.

  2. I also get “alot” of Spam. I opened an email account at yahoo, and was going to use it to surveys. Before I could even start giving the meail to the survey sites, I was getting Spam in the yahoo account. I hadn’t even used it to send email or anything, and when I signed in the next day there were 300 emails. All of it SPAM. I don’t even bother with it anymore, but I go to it about once a week to see how much Spam is there, and if one of my yahoo IM buddy;s has used it even though I have requested they use my AOL email. I had over 2000 Spam emails yesterday. This really ticks me off. I do NOT have the time to sit and opt out of emails I didn’t sign up for, and it is bad in AOL also, but “not” as bad as yahoo. I have also found that it does NOT do much good to opt out anyway, because they only stop for a few days, and then the emails start up again. This really gets me “hot” under the collar “so to speak”. Why have an opt out if they don’t intend to stop? It is “very” frustrating to say the least. So what IS the solution, or IS there one. Isn’t there anything we can do to stop this Spam? The guy who sent you the message about how he would ask them to stop, Does he think he has some kind of mystical powers or what? Wierd I must say..Have a great week..Donna

  3. How do you get rid of Spam when there is no remove link? It is some sort of email for men. Subject says Order Your Men Supplements and the email has a link to click but nothing else. I did NOT click on it. I am most definately NOT a man, and have NO idea how they get my email address. I really think someof these companies subscribe to a list that has email addresses on them. I am sick of these SPAM emails. I get them telling me where to get male growth pills. Please tell me what to do here, if you can. I am tired of ALL this mess. it is getting almost as bad as telemarketers calling you on the phone. At least I can tell them to take me off of their call list, but these emails don’t have a place to remove your email, even though they shouldn’t have MY email address to begin with. I have never been to a male site looking for male supplements to make me bigger, and it isn’t bigger in strength either. Crazy mess they post on the Internet. I even get Spam emails from drug companys wanting to sell me Viagra. Come on, this is insane. I could maybe understand it if I shared my email address with someone, but NO one uses my email except me. It is maddening..Please help!! How many men have a name Donna, you would think they would notice the difference..I even feel sorry for the men who get this garbage. Thanks, Donna

  4. Please tell me how to get these different banks and people over seas from sending me spam. Banks that I do NOT even have accounts with send me emails telling me I need to update my info or my account will be frozen, but today I got a new one, they offered me $200.00 to do a quick survey. I thought it was a survey company, because I do surveys everyday, but when I clicked on it, it was for some bank called Susquehanna. I have never heard of them, but when I clicked on the link it took me to a page that ask for my Internet Banker ID. I knew right away it was a SPAM email, and what is called a phishing. I get emails like this from paypal, ebay, Bank of America etc. telling me I need to update info or account will be frozen. I immediately send them to their abuse email address. The emails from the UK want me to help them by agreeing to take millions of dollars and helping the poor, or helping a child get into the country and I get so much. I am NOT stupid, NO one gives money to someone they don’t know. I get 30 or more of these emails a day. It is beginning to be a nuisance. What can I do to STOP these emails from the UK..We all know they are frauds..Offring millions of dollars, but they want you to send an X amount of money to them and then they will send you the check.if you promise to use it to help the needy, and ou get to keep 30-50 percent. Please, they MUST think people here in the US are stupid to fall for this mess, and maybe some are(I sure hope and Pray that others who get this kind of email aren’t) but NOT this lady. You think Richard chold use his Powers that be and tell these Spammers to stop?..LOL I just had to ask..Sorry couldn’t help myself.. Does anyone ever read these Post and answer back.. I have yet to see any reply’s to these post people have left..

  5. If you can contact all the spammers and put an end to the spam messages we get in our blogs each day, than please do it!! lolz. On a serious note, I just cannot imagine who would have sent such a message.

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