By Deane Barker on October 16, 2007

Cruciforum: crucially simple: Apparently the most simple discussion forum in the world. There’s exactly one file.

Cruciforum is a very simple web forum, designed to make it really easy to add a discussion forum to a website. If you want to start off some conversation around a bit of code you’ve written, provide somewhere to let people enter feature requests, or just want somewhere to chat with your mates, Cruciforum is for you.

You make a folder and drop the single PHP script in it. Data storage consists of the script writing out HTML files around itself. If you want user accounts, look elsewhere.

Limited use, but I appreciate the simplicity of it. For a small step up in complexity, consider bbPress. For the next step up, try Vanilla. On the other end of the extreme, Invision Powerboard is about the ultimate in this space.

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  1. When I first attempted to “visit” the file (cruciforum.php) as advised in Stuarts instructions (author), which I’d placed on my ISP free webspace, I was offered to download the file rather then have it run, so as I was unfamiliar with the “php” suffix, I changed it to good old ‘html’ and it seemded to work locally (except I’m not sure ‘where’ it installed when I went through that process without errors).

    Anyway, I uploded the newly-named “criciforum.html” file to my webspace and again “visited” the file, but got the error…

    ERROR : Method not allowed.

    I was hoping to run the forum on my Tiscali webspace. Anyone know the reason for the error? Thanks


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