New Zealand rugby referee is under attack on Wikipedia

By Deane Barker on October 8, 2007

Fans’ bounty on referee: New Zealand rugby fans are furious with the referee they believe contributed to their surprise loss to France. They’ve begun mass-vandalizing the referee’s Wikipedia page and using it to post apparent threats and bounties.

The entry says Barnes “suffers from a vision-related disease which results in him being unable to see forward passes” and goes on to say he gave up law to take up refereeing because he couldn’t read any “f…ing law books.”

A $NZ1000 bounty is also offered to the person who “finds him for me and keeps him under lock and key until I get there.”

[…] The Barnes attack includes a threat to “f rip off your head you w”. It calls him a “sack of “s*” and warns in capital letters: “WE WILL FIND YOU”.

The page is apparently back to normal, though you can find remnants of the chaos on the history and discussion pages.



  1. Good god, I’m and New Zealander and I couldn’t careless about the rugby, all these rabid rugby fans are giving the rest of us a bad name -_-

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