The 20 Best Hacker Movies

By Deane Barker on October 5, 2007

The 20 Best Hacker Movies: An interesting list. I don’t disagree with his top 2, though I would have reversed their order, and I did when I talked about this a few years back.

While none of these next 20 movies depicts the true motions of computer hacking, most of these stories are memorable in some way.

The Matrix at #17? Interesting how much he echoes my prior list.

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  1. For me the number one hacker movie has to be “Hackers”

    Yeah I know the computer interaction sequences where naff, but really who is gonna be entertained by seeing lines of code scrolling up a screen and how many peopel wanted to play wipeout on a big screen after seeing that.

    It’d be fair to say that because of the fact it was closer to my age range at the time of release I’m probably biased towards it, but it was a time of change in the computer industry also, laws where coming in to protect companies, and what was for many a simple past time and sport was becoming more and more portrayed as a malicious and criminal act.

    ‘Hack the planet!’

  2. So glad you included Tron!! It’s so helpful when trying to understand the VERY basics of how computer commands work! It always amuses me to think of the scenes when I encounter computer problems.

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