Pay-Per-Minute Content Management

By Deane Barker on September 24, 2007

Announcing the DocZone Pay-Per-Minute™ Plan!: DocZone is a hosted content management system that just released a fascinating pricing model.

What if you could have a complete XML-based end-to-end solution for managing and producing multilingual content…for about the same price as you pay for your departmental phone bill?

Introducing the new DocZone Pay-Per-Minute™ plan! Now, you have the freedom to choose how you pay to use the industry’s most robust XML content management and single-source publishing platform:



  1. Actually if you do the math, the cost per author per month is significant. for a small shop with say five authors working full time, the price per author per month is well over $1000.

    50,000 min is the equivalent of 5 authors full time per month. At .24 per min thats $12 K per month for 5 authors. Even if the usage is cut in half so 10 authors work half time its still $1,200 per author per month.

    As a competitor, I look forward to going up against this pricing model.

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Dan… but your math may have some flaws.

    If you have a 5-person department where all users were logged in full-time for 8-10 hours per day, then you might hit 50,000 minutes/month. But, our research of our customers’ usage patterns indicate that this is not the norm.

    While I agree that the Pay Per Minute plan is not for everybody, it is a very nice alternative for smaller organizations, or for departments that may only go through 1 or 2 product update cycles per year and not need to use the system otherwise. For these organizations, they can start with a base plan of 2,500 minutes per month (which could realistically support a small group of 2-3 writers) for less than $1000/month!

    For larger organizations with heavy workloads, we still continue to offer our traditional plan based on floating licenses.

    Dan Dube

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