Halo 3 Review

By Deane Barker on September 23, 2007

Halo 3 Review (Xbox 360): The first Halo 3 review is in (I’m told it’s the first — no idea how true that is), and it’s good. A 9.7 out of 10, though I wonder about the neutrality of a site called “Team XBox.”

[…] we’re happy to report that Halo 3 is not only the best game of the series, it’s the best Xbox 360 game to date. The single-player game is excellent and ends the story beautifully, but it’s the amazing multiplayer offerings and cutting-edge technology that will help the game stand the test of time. Make no mistake, this is a game that will still be played religiously until the end of the Xbox 360’s lifecycle, and may be one of the rare titles that actually gets better with age.



  1. TeamXbox.com are known pretty much net-wide as Halo haters, so I’m pretty surprised at the score they gave it, honestly.

  2. What exactly are you talking about? I just checked the reviews from Team X-Box for all three games and they gave Halo a 9.6, Halo 2 a 9.9, and Halo 3 a 9.7, that sure doesn’t sound like Halo haters to me. Get your info right next time.

  3. Really, Halo haters does not sound like it. But I think they got there ratings all wrong, the first one is the best, and the second is the worst. There has been very little innovation from the first one.

  4. I agree with you on that, the first is still the best and always will be. It has the best storyline and the best multiplayer, I always wished that they would’ve brought “Sidewinder” back, that level was awesome! Anyways though other than the dual-wielding, some new multiplayer options and the graphics being better nothing much has changed since the first one.

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