Domain Name Prices

By Deane Barker on September 21, 2007

Million dollar domain names: Nice compiled list of domain prices – $20 million […] – $12 million […] – $9.5 million

It links to our prior post on the cost of domains.

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  1. I have read recently that, if sold today, would bring $25 million + which I actually agree with. I saw sell for over $100,000 (not sure the final) a couple months ago. I was offered $250 for last week – does that count to make the list ;) brought $6700ish – lost that auction too

    The one that shocks me is for $3 million. Damb that guy was lucky to sell I believe.

    For more info on domains, check out TRAFFIC as well as Rick Schwartz blog at – I believe. Great stuff from a domain pioneer there.

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