My First Press Junket

By Deane Barker on September 18, 2007

A few months ago, I must have gotten on some list of “influential bloggers” or something. I don’t know why or how, but I suddenly started to get a lot of targeted press releases and people wanting to send me free stuff.

This is fine and all — provided your press release gets through my spam filter, I’ll usually read it (the Lenovo Thinkpad Reserve Edition was one such item).

But a few weeks ago, I got the coolest email ever:

On behalf of GM, I would like to extend a very unique invitation – the opportunity to test-drive an extensive collection of 2008 GM models at the Milford Proving Grounds outside of Detroit. This is the first time that GM is holding a blogger-only collections event, and we would be honored to host you […]

GM will cover your airfare and hotel expenses, and simply asks in return that if you decide to write about the experience, you let your readers know that GM paid your way.

American Express Travel called me today and confirmed my flight from Sioux Falls to the GM proving grounds in Detroit. I’ll be there next Tuesday.

Note that GM is doing this the right way, for two reasons:

  1. They’re not forcing anyone to write about anything.
  2. If you do write about it, you’re required to disclose that the trip was paid for.

Given blogger disclosure scandals of late, this is pretty refreshing.

Expect a full report next week.

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  1. If you can’t get them to spring for an extra guy to come along, I’ve got a really big suitcase I’d be happy to climb into for the ride. I don’t eat much either.

  2. Incidentally, a friend and I attended a GM-sponsored college media junket in Las Vegas last year. It was awesome. Expect Escalades at the airport and a very nice dinner.

  3. Deane, Have them give you a coupon for a few thousand off an Escalade…or better yet, if they offer you a free one, select Pearl ESV with all the extras. I plan on buying one soon so you can then just give me yours at a huge discount. Awesome deal.

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