Email All Your Users Day…Again

By Deane Barker on September 13, 2007

Email All Your Users Day: I posted this four years ago to day. I still think it’s a great idea. Any takers?

Therefore, I hereby proclaim December 1 as “Email All Your Users Day.” On that day, everyone who runs a service that has user accounts should email ALL their users to remind them they have an account, what the account is for, and where the login screen is. The member can then decide what he or she wants to do with it.

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  1. If a user hasn’t used the service, and the account is dead, there’s a good chance the user doesn’t even remember they have an account. So the reminder message is going to get lots and lots (well, depends on how many users signed up) of people to press their “report spam” buttons. And technically they’ll even be right, if during signup they haven’t agreed to such reminders. (e.g. If I haven’t used the service, it’s because I don’t want to, and the quieter the service will remain the less chance they have of getting an annoyed non-user instead of an indifferent non-user).

    And if a user is actually using the service then sending such a reminder is an almost guaranteed annoyance. (e.g. I know I have an account, I’m using the account, can’t the stupid service see that and not bother to tell me I have the account?).

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