Lenovo Thinkpad Reserve Edition

By Deane Barker on September 5, 2007

Lenovo Thinkpad Reserve Edition: You have to wade through a fair amount of Flash crap before getting something interesting here, but suffice it to say this is the most “luxury” laptop you’re probably going to find.

From the press release:

Clad in hand-stitched, saddle-grade premium French leather, each Lenovo ThinkPad Reserve Edition notebook is individually numbered and comes with live, round-the-clock executive-class service and support. Each ThinkPad Reserve user is provided access to dedicated, specially-trained Executive Support staff, available at the touch of a button, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to support every aspect of the ThinkPad Reserve Edition computing experience.

Seriously — the whole laptop is encased in leather. It looks more like a portfolio, just thicker.

Are you sick of talking to a different person every time you call tech support?

The Executive Support staff specialist accompanies the customer throughout the lifecycle of his or her ThinkPad Reserve Edition notebook PC, and handles everything the customer needs to get their PC up and running and to keep it that way.

For ongoing support, each owner is provided concierge phone access to the Executive Support staff, with all calls answered within four rings in the owner’s native language.

[Insert the, “You wouldn’t need that with a Mac…” jokes here.]

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  1. $5,000? I could buy a MacBook Pro all pimped out, have it custom covered in saddle-stitched leather, and still have enough left over to take my family on a nice vacation.

    Nice, but no thanks.

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