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By Deane Barker on August 16, 2007

Why FireFox is Blocked: Someone is trying to start a trend of blocking Firefox because they don’t like their ads getting removed.

The Mozilla Foundation and its Commercial arm, the Mozilla Corporation, has allowed and endorsed Ad Block Plus, a plug-in that blocks advertisement on web sites and also prevents site owners from blocking people using it. Software that blocks all advertisement is an infringement of the rights of web site owners and developers.

Yeah, good luck with that. The world yawns at your indignation.

I love this backhanded slam.

Demographics have shown that not only are FireFox users a somewhat small percentage of the internet, they actually are even smaller in terms of online spending, therefore blocking FireFox seems to have only minimal financial drawbacks, whereas ending resource theft has tremendous financial rewards for honest, hard-working website owners and developers.

Via MetaFilter.

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  1. What? Only two ways to block Firefox? I can count at least seven ways to block Internet Explorer.

    I’m not sure how I feel about the ad blocking. However aren’t you actually doing more harm to your site by blocking Firefox than not? Let’s say 15% of your visitors used Firefox. Also, 1 of every 50 visitors were using the ad blocking extension with Firefox.

    Not blocking Firefox
    2% of visitors using ad block extension and not seeing the ads.
    98% of your visitors seeing the ads.

    Blocking Firefox
    15% of visitors using Firefox blocked from site
    85% of your visitors seeing the ads

    Yea, this guy is real smart…

  2. Well… you must block Konqueror too. It has th features built in. Oh, and you can ad block in Opera too… better not let them in. Oh, and don’t forget about IE users. Anyway can have firewalls that block ads, but most o the people that use this method use IE. If you happen to see anyway else that doesn’t have Flash installed, you had better block them too- some ads love ads. Lastly, links/lynx/w3m/elinks really needs to be blocked. Without Javascript, there is almost no way to show ads there.

    Now you should have the audience you deserve as a webmaster. :)

  3. I occasionally turn adblock off when I’m doing web development and forget to turn it back on. I might cruise several sites, consuming many ads, even noticing and clicking on a few, until I run into some jumpy, seizure-causing attention-grabbing gif or takeover flash ad. Then I remember “oh, I need to turn my adblock back on.”

    The moral: if the online ads didn’t make people miserable, people wouldn’t block them.

  4. You can install UserAgent Switcher Plug-in for firefox:

    which allows you to say your browser is Internet Explorer or whatever and no one can block you…

    PS… there are so many ad blocking plug=ins for MSIE it’s rediculous why block firefox this guy is silly (probably because he is a crap web designer that can’t make a site that looks good in both

  5. If you want to block adverts in IE7 then simply get IE7Pro addin from and it does the same as adblock so they better block IE as well. If you want to block adverts with ANY browser then simply google away and take a pick from many options available. The internet has become a trash heap for junk – endless advertising and spam etc. Ad Blocking is not the problem – Ads Are!

  6. I posted this as a comment on his website: “You do have the right to block me from your site if you want to wheither I use Firefox, IE6, IE7, Opera, Safari, Konqueror, or any other browser. Blocking Firefox because Mozilla allows AdBlock to be hosted on their site does not make you right or righteous, only opinionated. Click on Tools, Manage Addons, Find More Addons in IE7 and search for ad blockers. Adblock Pro shows as a selection that is a Digital Locker Download, hosted and purchasable through Microsoft! You should block IE7 also! Any site that blocks any browser is not worth the visit. I’m making an exception for this comment only since I do not have your direct email address and your readers should know that you must have something else again Mozilla, not ad blocking. ‘Free’ software perhaps?” at

  7. Anyone willing to make adblock to IE, opera (it has also built in content filter) and several other browsers and send info about that to those who want to block firefox :P

    if they don’t soon have browser without adblocking .. what would they do :D

  8. He removed my posted comment on his website: Obviously he has a vandetta against Firefox/Mozilla and will not consider that Adblock Pro is available and listed on Microsoft’s IE addon site. I agree with JK, these add ons need to be promoted.

  9. It seems that this person is a child. I have been to thousands of websites using all sort of versions of Firefox browser with all sort of version of Ad Block and Ad Block Plus. This is the ONLY website that shows any issues towards Firefox. There is no other website that has this problem. This was done for ONE REASON!! That reason is to cause issues with Firefox browser. BOO HOO!!!

  10. FireFox is over rated. Block away! Who cares? Many more people use IE and I use CrazyBrowser which out performs them all in tabbing .. something I’m set up to do a lot of. Most of my vistors come from MSIE anyhow. Over all the Number One Browser in use .. whey? BECAUSE IT WORKS JUST FINE.

  11. Gotta love IE fanboy’s, proud and happy that they have the ‘privilege’ to be one of the ‘1337’ IE user’s. These people are so glad eat what’s force fed to them, without even the slightest inkling that they actually have a choice.

    Bloody pathetic.

  12. I am contemplating blocking Fire Fox for the following reasons;

    Everytime I launch a new SEO’d web page on my site all my competitors will follow suit targeting the same keyphrase. What I notice is that my hits will increase dramatically from Fire Fox users pulling my site to pieces giving me false statistics of real visitors. My sites are B2B and the majority, if not all, of my target market are IE users.

    Yes, some people use Firefox because it is free or they are cheap themselves, or even because they like to express their individuality by being different from the mainstream but, I believe that it is predominately used by tech heads who I don’t want to come into my site.

    If I were to go down the road of blocking FireFox users does anyone know how I would go about it without effecting the way Google crawls my pages? Would Google frown upon my sites if I were to do this?

  13. Block away! If your target market are IE users, use IE-standards HTML instead of W3C and you can stop tech heads (and wannabe tech heads) from coming to your website because it will break in every browser except for IE (and maybe AOL).

  14. I wonder how the site owners would feel if, for example, every network node that their advertisements passed through on the way to the end user charged them money for the privilege. They want free advertising, but they don’t like it when we want to be free of it.

  15. Ahhh:

    To be young and arrogant, while at the same time ignorant…!!!

    The Internet will be and as always shall be a “free source” of communicating your wares to a larger portion of this world’s population (Internet).

    To limit the exposure of your wares (Internet). To certain sections of the world’s population, by means, of limiting any browser and/or by any other means in communicating your wares to a larger portion of this world’s population (Internet). Is foolish at best and shear stupidity at it’s worse.

    muggle’s Law: Corporate and Individual greed enters though the front door and intelligence jumps out the window..!!

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