Adobe to Take on Office?

By Deane Barker on August 16, 2007

Tipping the Microsoft Cash Cow Could Be Adobe’s Next Move: Apple users will flock to this like they flocked to Safari for two reasons: (1) it’s a chance to screw Microsoft, and (2) anything that sets them apart from the unwashed masses is, by definition, better.

[…] the stage is set for Adobe to flex its muscle in the office-app arena. The company already has a strong presence in business software with its Acrobat suite of products and interest in its new platform for web-enabled applications that run on the desktop is rising quickly.

According to Adobe group manager for platform evangelism, Mike Downey, it wouldn’t be outlandish to predict the company throws its hat into the ring soon.



  1. As an Apple user, I don’t see this flying. I’d love to see M$ get the shaft as much as the next guy, but Adobe doesn’t have a good track record in this regard. I would guess that their Office killer is a repackaged hunk of bloatware based on Pagemaker, an app that was just discontinued a couple of years ago, but should have died in 1995.

    Then they rolled out InDesign years ago, announcing that it would be the magic bullet that killed Quark. They are still saying that about InDesign, but the files that I see coming in from customers are still about 95 percent Quark.

    The biggest killer to this idea is going to be compatibility; if the files aren’t readily interchangeable with Office users (PC and Mac) with no weird quirks, people won’t use it. Even if Adobe gives it away for nothing, compatibility is going to make or break it. Look at OpenOffice; it works as well as anything else in trading files back & forth with Office, but people still spend the money on Office.

    I’d love to see someone shake up Microsoft, but color me skeptical.

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