By Deane Barker on August 15, 2007

BuiltWith.com – Web Technology Profiler: This is a very cool idea that isn’t quite what I hoped it would be.

Web Page Technology Profiler […] Find out what a site is built with.

You can enter a URL, and it will contact that URL and do some analysis on what it finds to tell you what technologies power the site.

I tried a few, and it spits back information from what JS libraires are present, whether the site is using Flash, what DOCTYPE, etc. — standard stuff you could find out otherwise.

What it doesn’t tell you in most cases is the CMS in use. It knew that 43Folders used WordPress, but it couldn’t pick up Movable Type on this site. I tried CNet and Wired — both well-known to use Vignette, a CMS with a URL signature you can see a mile away — but it didn’t pick that up either. I sent it after eZ publish’s corporate site, but it didn’t pick up that CMS even though there’s a “generator” META tag.

What I would like is a site where people who actually know what CMS is in use on various high-profile sites (CNN, USAToday, etc.) spill the beans and tell their secrets. I’d love to know what the New York Times runs, or the International Herald Tribune.

Now that would be interesting. Anyone know of any site like that?

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  1. Nice find! It didn’t recognize Typo3 either, but it showed a “suggest technology” link where you could (in advanced mode) enter typical strings for identification.

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