By Deane Barker on August 11, 2007

Texty: scms: This interesting. It’s a CMS where you can create fragments of HTML, and then put them on your Web site using a Javascript include. So you edit the content there, and it gets pulled in to your pages client-side.

Never open a HTML page again for a minor text change!

Step 1: Input the text you want on your webpage below. […] Step 2: Copy and paste the Texty into your HTML source code. […] Step 3: Edit your Texty anytime at this website.

I’ve thought about doing this model dozens of times, but while it will likely appeal to a lot of people, the fact that the text is invisible to every search engine on the planet is a fairly big problem.

Now, throw a couple lines of code in there for people to drag the content in server-side if they like, and you really have something. And that’s not a big conceptual leap. Start out with the JS version, then move on to the server-side version when you’re more comfortable.

Irrespective of that, what we’re seeing here is perhaps as simple as content management is ever going to get. Whomever did this has distilled content management down to its absurd extreme, and there’s a lot to be said for that. Knowing where the bottom limit is on simplicity gives you a lot of perspective on what you’re doing in content management.



  1. We at Texty love all your feedback! Texty is the first step in a new method of dynamic and simple CMS solutions. Although this seems like a small offering initially – it handles many needs of the small web publisher, the personal site owner and the web developer business. Regardless there is more to come – please stay tuned!

    We are actively working with Google on a new method of indexing to assure that Texty content is well indexed!

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