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By Deane Barker on July 27, 2003

Borders founder to open Net newsstand: Seems like a good way for magazines to generate some revenue of their archives — essentially stuff that’s just sitting around anyway.

“Borders’ newest venture, KeepMedia, which launches Monday, is an online portal that provides access to archives of 140 magazines for a monthly fee of about $5. It’s also a one-stop entry point for current news, for those people who already hold subscriptions to any one of its publications, which include Business Week, Psychology Today, Forbes and Esquire. Members also can store articles, annotated with their own thoughts, within their online accounts and for access on any Net-enabled device.”



  1. I signed up for a 7-day trial (no credit card needed). It’s interesting, but one of the reasons I like magazines in the first place is that they’re on paper. It’s just not the same, which is odd since I like ebooks so much.

    The selection of magazines is a little slim: they have good ones like Inc., U.S. News and World Report, Esquire, etc. But then there’s the trade magazine section which gets a little bizarre: Religious Conference Manager? Rock Products? WasteAge?

    The formatting of articles is good, and there are printer-friendly versions. However, none of the articles I looked at had pictures. There are other tools, like the ability to look at the history of articles you’ve read and to annotate things, etc.

    Not bad, but not good enough to pay for either.

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