Visual History of the Doctored Photograph

By Deane Barker on July 31, 2007

Photos: Pictures that lie: A great photo gallery that shows the history of doctored photographs. Turns out the Communist Party doctored photos to remove Leon Trotsky, and TV Guide put Oprah’s head on an Ann Margaret’s body back in the 80s.

The doctored images were manipulated beyond straightforward cropping of edges or lightening shaded areas. Often they have a key element inserted or deleted.



  1. Neat site. In the case of the Katie Couric photo, I wonder how often that really happens, and what happens the first time you see her in person?? It would be a dramatic difference. I think there was a woman’s make-up television ad awhile back that shows how a lot of the glamour/model print ads of beautiful women are doctored.

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