The $200K Web Developer

By Deane Barker on July 26, 2007

Web Development Software Engineer Jobs in Fairfax, VA: There’s a job at Career Builder today for a Web developer with a salary of $200,000.

But there’s a catch.

A principal Department of Defense agency is looking for programmers, developers or coders to code, support field deployment and maintenance of a new database application which will be used by Army units in Iraq. Scope These are full-time positions (12/7) located at one of the major US Bases in IRAQ. Deployment will be period of 6-12 months. Training on the application software will begin prior to deployment and will take place in Virginia.



  1. I notice that relocation was not covered. Do I have to fly myself to Iraq? Of course, with the $200K, I could probably swing that.

  2. A principal Department of Defense agency…

    My guess is they could arrange transport without much problem. Bring earplugs and your own pillow though; it will be far from first-class.

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