Saunders Log

By Deane Barker on July 23, 2007

Saunderslog 3.0 launches: We just launched a new site for Alec Saunders, and he was nice enough to blog about it.

So, earlier this year I decided that my old design was getting kind of long in the tooth. Nor did I have the time to devote to building a new one for myself. It’s quite a process! But I did have enough in my adsense earnings account to pay someone to do the work. Enter Blend Interactive.

The site was actually much more work than we expected. The design was simple enough, but it turned out that Alec has a lot of plugins and ad-related code and scripts on his site. As we developed the new WordPress theme, we realized that bringing all that stuff over and plugging it all back in was going to be something of a nightmare.

Like I told Joe, “It’s as if someone bought a new Honda Accord, but said ‘I’d like to keep the powertrain out of my old one. Can you move it over?’”

Nevertheless, we got through it. Alec was a peach of a client, and I like how it looks.