The Google Phone?

By Deane Barker on July 21, 2007

Could Google kill the cell phone industry?: This is a very interesting picture of why one guy thinks Google wants to lease the 700Mhz spectrum from the U.S. government. He makes a good case…and an exciting one.

With full leasing ownership of the 700MHz spectrum, Google will try to effectively cripple the cell phone industry. […] Google is requesting “open devices” that will work on the “open networks.” In other words, Google wants to create the ability for companies (and most likely itself) to create devices that will seamlessly connect to the broadband spectrum. Why can’t one of those devices be a phone?

[…] Within no time, Google will announce that wireless will be made available to the public through its system. After all, it did it in San Francisco, why won’t it do it all over the country? In effect, Google would run a “third broadband pipe.”

[…] Once the company announces the wireless broadband to the nation, it will immediately announce that Google Phone everyone has been talking about. The Google Phone will work specifically with the Google system (kind of like Skype) and will be free of charge.



  1. The Google Search Appliances aside, I have trouble seeing why Google would jump into the phone making biz when it’s so different than what they’re doing now. Manufacturing hardware is not Google’s strength.

    Wouldn’t it make more sense for Google to try and find their way on to everybody’s phone in some capacity, similar to how their search spans multiple platform? Shouldn’t we expect to see something like Google Desktop for your phone?

    I see a lot of similarities between the Google Phone rumors and the Google Cube rumors of a couple years back. I don’t see why Google would ever stray from the business of search when they have 15,000 engineers in the area and the profit margins are so huge.

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