Let’s Blend an iPhone

By Deane Barker on July 11, 2007

Will It Blend?: Yes, it will blend.

Everybody knows that the iPhone can make phone calls, play movies & music, surf the web, and a lot more. But, Will It Blend?

What I find amazing is how long the screen stays lit. Via Joseph Scott.



  1. That is just wrong. Think of all the underprivileged kids who don’t have a cell phone, much less an iPhone! ;o)

    I can see the entertainment value of something like this, but is there any marketing value to it? Does trashing a $500 iPhone increase their sales by an equal amount?

  2. From Blendtec’s point of view, one iPhone destruction can be seen nationwide and can woo a handful of people who now get the impression of their robust blenders. $500 is cheap advertising than what most companies pay for special exaggerated effects. Agree?

    I guess crash-testing cars is a different story…

  3. I seriously want one of these blenders. Not really for food, just mostly because I want to try those things at home. I have to agree with Peter on this one. I could have cared less about this company previously, but I am all about this blender now that I see their marketing.

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