“Adobe Can Suck It”

By Deane Barker on July 10, 2007

mysoftwaresucks.com: Something about a particular piece of software piss you off? Now there’s a nice place to rant about it.

Have you ever yelled at your computer? Maybe you’ve smacked it once or twice in frustration? […] >We also believe that nothing can be fixed until you speak up.

So please use this site to express your frustrations — to rant and rave about what’s bothering you.

I like listening to people rant:

Quark was hardly without problems, but InCopy/InDesign, while excellent for designers, absolutely bites for writers and editors. Story view has no functionality whatsoever. Layout view jumps all around the screen.

Sarcasm is fun:

I usually use Expedia, but I chose Travelocity to book an upcoming trip because it lets me find a hotel in a city other than the one I’m flying in to. (To my friends at Expedia: that doesn’t seem so hard, does it?)



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