The Plight of the Disposable Cell Phone

By Deane Barker on July 6, 2007

Too bad our planet isn’t disposable: Some good points from No Impact Man on the recent iPhone craze, and gadget porn in general.

[…] the cell phone now has the shortest life cycle of any electronic device.

The question is: how can the environment sustain a society where even a $500 gadget has become a disposable object?

He’s right. Cell phones are so ephemeral — I’ve had my new one for less than a year and I already want another one, with a bigger screen. And this one was $220.



  1. Not me. I have turned down the newest phones at work because all I want it to be is a phone. I don’t want it to be anything else.

  2. Funny; I just talked with a guy at work who’s had the same Verizon phone for 8 years. The thing looks like it’s that old too.

    I hate throwing anything out (much to my wife’s dismay!) I’ll probably hang onto my Razr until the current technology is replaced by implants or something. Then I’ll put it on the shelf with my antique cameras.

  3. Then again, people buy new cars every few years as well, not because they’re after the late model, but rather to avoid increased maintenance cost while the car itself is depreciating. But I, for one, love my decade and a half-old Volvo 960.

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