The Google Garage

By Deane Barker on July 5, 2007

The house that helped build Google: Fascinating story about the woman who owned the actual garage where Google was started.

After earning her MBA in 1998, Wojcicki bought 232 Santa Margarita Ave. for about $600,000. She rented the garage to two Stanford students for $1,700 a month to help with the mortgage. The renters: no ordinary slackers, but the Google Guys, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who incubated Google right there.

What’s interesting is that this woman took a job at Google, and has become a top executive there — Google Adsense was all her idea, apparently. It gets better: her sister Anne went on to marry Sergey Brin. So now she’s the boss’s sister-in-law.

The article is more about her than the house, but it’s really interesting to see everything that came from a simple real estate arrangement.

I just checked my garage to see if there’s anyone out there cooking up something amazing. [Sigh] No one but the cat.



  1. Yes, but your cat and I have been getting together on the weekends to discuss cold fusion theories, and we’re getting close.

  2. Interesting ..100 MPG, is that all? (snickers) But – I suppose starting small is best. From what I’ve seen of the mechanics of possible autos would probably skyrocket down the road someday and be a bit of a shock in an nth state. Because of the crazy speed( clears throat ) it would no doubt need some tight seat belts I imagine and some smart detectors built in for passenger comfort.

    Interesting history; sounds like Miss W got a bargain real estate deal. I wonder what her mortgage payments are nowdays? :)

    Mr F

    (I have the domain expertise, if you ever need a willing volunteer)

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