Oracle Ups PeopleSoft Offer Again

By Deane Barker on July 25, 2003

Oracle confirms bid for bigger PeopleSoft | CNET Since PeopleSoft has swallowed J.D. Edwards, it’s become a little fatter for the feast. Consequently, Larry coughed up another billion.

“Oracle reaffirmed its bid to acquire PeopleSoft Thursday, following the successful completion of PeopleSoft’s offer for J.D. Edwards last week that adds nearly $1 billion to the value of the deal. Oracle’s $19.50-per-share bid, revalued to include J.D. Edwards, now stands at $7.25 billion instead of $6.3 billion, according to the regulatory filing.”

It’s worth saying that when this story broke, I thought it was just another egotistical Larry Ellison thing — something he did off the top of his head just for giggles, ego, and to shake up the competition. He’s something of a dashing playboytype guy, and this would fit.

But more and more, it seems that he’s not kidding and he’s going to take PeopleSoft in whatever way he can. Money is on his side, time is on his side, and I believe the only thing that will stop the deal are the anti-trust considerations.



  1. I just remembered a joke that goes:

    “What’s the difference between God and Larry Ellison?”

    “God doesn’t think he’s Larry Eillison.”

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