Bill’s Nest Egg

By Deane Barker on July 25, 2003

Microsoft Holding Onto Stockpile: Microsoft is sitting on $62 billion in cash and investments. That’s billion….with a “B.”

“In an unusual move, Connors detailed exactly how Microsoft’s cash and reserves are broken down. Its total portfolio of $62.7 billion is made up of a treasury-managed portfolio of $53.5 billion, with the balance held as a strategic portfolio. The majority of the funds, some $42.6 billion, are in short-term investments.”

To put this into perspective, consider that Oracle is offering to buy PeopleSoft for about $6 billion, and this is big, big news in the business world. Microsoft could buy PeopleSoft almost exactly 10 times over.

There is precious little that Bill couldn’t buy if he felt like it.