Dyson’s Hand Dryers

By Deane Barker on June 18, 2007

Vacuum leader Dyson sets sights on hand dryer market: I have a Dyson vacuum, and it’s been one of the most amazing gadgets I own. The first time someone sees one of these hand dryers in the States, comment here. I will drive a fair distance to use it once.

The device, which kicks on when folks place their hands in it, dries hands in about six seconds. It pushes unheated air at great force — roughly 400 mph — through a gap the width of an eyelash that runs the length of the dryer. A special filter sanitizes the air.

The device works much like the compressed-air dryer at a carwash. The water isn’t evaporated by hot air, but rather is pushed away by compressed air moving at great speed. As a result, the Airblade uses roughly one-fourth the energy of conventional hand dryers.



  1. We have the XLerator hand dryers (http://www.exceldryer.com/products/xlerator.asp) at work. Everyone pitched a fit when they put them in because they took away the paper towels at the same time. In addition, they are extremely loud. However, now whenever I run across a traditional dryer in a restroom I just laugh at how pitiful it is. It feels like someone is blowing on my hands to dry them (compared to the XLerator at work).

    All I know is that I want a t-shirt set up the same way as the dryer: with the XLERATOR logo in the middle of my chest with the “Feel the Power” down arrow a little lower. ;)

  2. I was at Howard Wood Field in Sioux Falls for an event last night, and the newly remodeled rest rooms sport the XLERATOR dryers. Huge improvement over the old style dryers. Very quick dry time.

    Matt’s right about them being loud; hearing protection ought to be provided at the door. And as quick as they are, I’m not sure if the t-shirt idea would go over all that well. Most ladies wouldn’t be too impressed by the association. ;o)

  3. I just saw a Hand dryer in Europe that seems to be amazing. The name SPEEDFLOW HAND DRYER by SANIFLOW Corp and it is small, vandal resistance and with a ajustable high speed motor to avoid high loise levels. It is also ADA Compliant. Amazing….!!!!

  4. I just saw these AWESOME air dryers Downtown Chicago and a cute lil restaurant after kayaking on the Chicago River. I was more impressed with the dryer than anything. Now i Know I can use the hand dryers! I never used those ‘other ones’, did the drip dry thing.

  5. Mike, I work for Excel Dryer and wanted to let you know we have developed a noise reduction nozzle for the XLERATOR. It is FREE! and very easy to retro fit into your units. Just give us a call and let us know how many you need. Thanks. 413.525.4531

  6. I used on of the Dyson Airblade hand dryers the other day in my local supermarket and i’m not too sure about it. I thought it was a great inovation when i first heard about it, but after i found my hands still slightly wet after using it. tbh it may very well have been me being impatient and pulling my hands out too fast though. As for the “Xlerator” hand dryer meantioned in the pervious comments, i would say that they are too powerfull, and no ware near as good as the airblade imo.

  7. I used the Dyson hand dryer at the AMC movie theater in downtown Chicago. It was fantastic. It makes all the rest seem ridiculous. If it saves energy and handles hend germs it should be everywhere.

  8. The Japanese designed the first hand dryers of this kind. We were fascinated with them in Japan. Quite an inovative device.

  9. I am most impressed with the excellerator hand dryer, I recently used one in Dunnes Stores Cornelscourt in Dublin. From my experience as an Hotel Manager and the various ones on the market this one is one of the best. I am looking to buy three for a new business and will most likely use same or the Dyson Air Blade. I am interested in further comments on same.

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