MT4 Just hit Beta

By Deane Barker on June 5, 2007

MT4 Beta Download Movable Type Beta: This is hot off the presses. I just got the Pronet email 30 seconds ago.

True to my suspicions, MT is headed into the more traditional content management world.

Create a dynamic website with powerful content management. MT4’s powerful templating system lets you output content in any format, without requiring any programming or scripting. You can create standalone pages that automatically inherit the design and layout of your blog, and publish any content with the new posting interface, including rich media.



  1. i’ve been using WordPress for a couple years now to manage blogs and use it as a simple CMS. Some of the great things about WP are the vast number of premade templates, tons of plugins, and ease of editing templates. But the admin interface and a lot of the more CMS-type options are severely lacking.

    So for my next site, MT4 just caught my eye. I did some searching, and wasn’t able to find, for example, and current Flickr plugins for MT (of which there are dozens of active ones for WP), or any big directories of templates (there are 1000’s for WP).

    Is there still active developer involvement in MT? If I go to MT, will I be able to find up-to-date plugins? Any recommended MT sites or directories?

  2. I think at one point SixApart tried too hard. Had they not commercialized MT, it would’ve been the current WordPress. Of course, no technology can stay king, but MT vs. WP? I mean come on, MT is now irrelevant.

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