Google Trends Spammed By Crossworders

By Deane Barker on May 29, 2007

Google Adding New Features to Google Trends: Google’s new Trends feature shows you the hottest search terms that day. I looked in on it the other day, and I was confused at some of the things people were searching for. They seemed so random and specific.

Here’s why: people are searching for crossword clues for that day’s major newspaper crosswords.

[…] more than one-eighth of Google’s Hot Trends resulted from a single puzzle!

The Hot Trends changed while I composed this post, pushing some NYT crossword clue phrases up, down, in, or out of the list. Some of the new phrases in the list look like crossword clues – perhaps from another major online puzzle.



  1. I had that happen on a blog post about a year ago. I was getting all these search engine referrals for a Lord Chesterfield quote. I wrote a short post asking why the sudden interest in the quote. Turned out it was a clue for a crossword puzzle syndicated in a number of major U.S. papers.

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