iPods Will Give You a Heart Attack

By Deane Barker on May 10, 2007

Study: iPods can make pacemakers malfunction: We need to ban iPods. These things are pure evil.

iPods can cause cardiac implantable pacemakers to malfunction by interfering with the electromagnetic equipment monitoring the heart, according to a study presented by a 17-year-old high school student to a meeting of heart specialists on Thursday.

[…] In some cases, the iPods caused interference when held 18 inches from the chest. Interfering with the telemetry equipment caused the device to misread the heart’s pacing and in one case caused the pacemaker to stop functioning altogether.



  1. We need to ban iPods. These things are pure evil.

    Ban Windows first. It’s gonna give me an aneurism one of these first days, I just know it.

    This sounds a bit silly to me. The iPod doesn’t transmit anything, but may emit the same kind of electromagnetic interference that any other electronic device emits, only at a lower intensity. What does sitting in front of a TV or a computer do to someone with a pacemaker, or using a cell phone? Or a Zune?

    Quit picking on Apple. Come on. ;o)

  2. Funny, here I was thinking it was the other way around – having recently took off about 80lbs – in part due to wearing an iPod while I took two 3 mile hikes per day.

  3. It would seem that the iPod is in violation of part 15 of the FCC rules, which states that it must not cause any interference with other electronic devices. On the other hand, the pacemaker is in perfect compliance; it “must accept any and all interference even if it results in undesirable operation.”

  4. hey i dont think ipods should be ban and i dont think that they are evil i have an ipod but i keep my ipod in my pocket or i hold it at my waist. So i love ipods and music mp3 Players.

  5. iPods should stay completely legal. It would only depend on how you use them for them to be “illegal”, such as if you were putting pirated software or music/videos (etc) on it, then it would be illegal. Don’t ban iPods!

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