Hotmail Finally Gets Updated

By Deane Barker on May 8, 2007

Microsoft’s new Hotmail goes live: I tried it. Ehhh. Nothing to write home about.

Windows Live Hotmail, which officially became available Monday, sports a new look and features similar to Microsoft’s desktop-based Outlook e-mail program, including the ability to drag and drop messages into folders. Microsoft also said it improved the spam and fraud protection features in the online e-mail service.



  1. No surprise here. Microsoft is sooooo far behind the Web 2.0 ball, nor do they still entirely get the Software as a Service model.

    Then again, I wasn’t to keen on Yahoo’s email facelift earlier this year either.

    Both are a bit overbuilt for my taste.

  2. You should update like incredimail, it looks fun and cool but should make it free and you will get more users! thanks, A hotmail user

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