Pidgin Site

By Deane Barker on May 5, 2007

I’ve always wanted my site to get Slashdotted. That hasn’t happened yet, but my company did just design and implement a site that got Slashdotted. Does that count?

The GAIM IM client had to change its name — AOL wasn’t pleased. Somehow (to be honest, I don’t remember how), we got in contact with them. They had a new name, and they had a new logo, but they needed a Web site.

So, they gave us a logo and the image of their mascot — a purple pigeon — and said, “Wrap a Web site around that.” So we did. It’s still a little bare right now, but it’s up and running.

Now, if truth be told, the site didn’t get Slashdotted. It did back in April, but that was before we built the new site. It did get Ars Technia-ed, and then that got Slashdotted, so perhaps we were “Slashdotted by proxy,” but I could just be reaching.



  1. I accidentally mistyped the URL, typing instead of (the ‘d’ & ‘g’ are reversed) and interestingly enough, it took me to one of GAIM competitors, aMSN.

    No a days one mus register a domain and all of its misspellings.

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