MySpace URLs: The Next Frontier of Litigation

By Deane Barker on May 2, 2007

The Battle to Control Obama’s Myspace: This is a fascinating story about the fight for Barack Obama’s MySpace page.

What’s interesting, besides the basic conflict, is that this portends the new domain fight: sub-URLs, particularly on MySpace. This wasn’t a fight for, this was a fight for It’s a whole new frontier to argue about.

In November 2004, Joe Anthony, a paralegal living in Los Angeles, started a unofficial fan page for then-newly-elected Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) on […] Today […] it’s under new ownership. Joe Anthony, one of the super volunteers of the Connected Age, has lost control of the page he started to the professionals on Obama’s staff.

Sure, you may have purchased your domain, but have you gotten your MySpace URL too?



  1. remind me to add a disclaimer about ownership of login ids/screen names the next time i have to write a disclaimer for an online data sharing thing.


  2. And now we know that Obama is listening to the same geniuses that gave us Kerry, Gore, Mondale, Dukakis, McGovern, Humphrey, and Stevenson. Offending a longtime volunteer – really bright, guys!

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