iPods Are For Cheaters

By Deane Barker on April 27, 2007

Schools say iPods becoming tool for cheaters: iPods are flat evil, there’s no doubt. If you use one, you are a terrorist.

[…] schools across the country are targeting digital media players as a potential cheating device. Devices including iPods and Zunes can be hidden under clothing, with just an earbud and a wire snaking behind an ear and into a shirt collar to give them away, school officials say.



  1. Two words: Well DUH!

    The funny thing is that some school districts & universities are providing iPods for their students so that teachers can provide podcasts of lectures on them.

  2. These things only help cheating if the test focus on memorizing stuff and not on understanding stuff. Test how well students understand the material, like in “open books” exams, instead of how well students remember a formula/date/detail and there is no problem. And you get the added bonus that understanding is harder to forget after the exam than details are.

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