Send MapQuest Directions to OnStar

By Deane Barker on April 25, 2007

Send to OnStar: This is kind of interesting. I drove a Jeep with nav last year, and while I loved the system, programming the destination was a huge pain — the interface was just really terrible. It’d be handy to do it online then just send it to the car.

MapQuest is working with OnStar to extend the convenience of the website right to your OnStar-equipped GM vehicle. OnStar has developed an enhancement to its Turn-by-Turn Navigation service, whereby MapQuest users will be able to plan their destinations online and send them directly to their OnStar Turn-by-Turn capable vehicle.

Could you do this while the car was in motion, I wonder? So if you’re lost, you could call home and have someone map your trip online then send it to your car.